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im rose (she/her) i like pacific rim and star trek and pretty girls and i wish i was a corgi



uhhh yeah I don’t need to wear makeup but I like to and enjoy my appearance with it 

mhm I don’t need a filter but it looks cool and enhances the picture

nope I know I look fine in sweats and a t shirt but I feel like a fuckin princess in my dress

just do what you like and what makes you feel good ok ok 



Newt Geiszler is trans and neuroatypical

I’m sorry that’s just the way it is I don’t make the rules


This is a close up of the painting I’m working on rn. I tend to work from the inside out so I still have a lot of work to do in the hair and around the edge of her face etc but I’m hoping I’ll get to finish soon.


This is a close up of the painting I’m working on rn. I tend to work from the inside out so I still have a lot of work to do in the hair and around the edge of her face etc but I’m hoping I’ll get to finish soon.


Some supplemental images from my Pacific Rim Sequel Storyboard Pitch!

To answer a few questions you might have:

- Hermann isn’t with his cane in my sequence because I imagined the Jaeger Drive suit created for him would have that accounted for; It would be odd if it DIDN’T have protective braces for him within the armor. (much like Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit- he can lift a car because of that armor) I also imagined that he’s about to drift with Newt and in sharing that neural handshake he may not feel the pain from his leg temporarily.

- The Jaeger I designed for them is based upon the idea mentioned that a Kaiju-Jaeger hybrid could be a possible plot element. Burn also mentioned it to me at Dragon*con. Whether it’s officially gonna happen or not is up in the air. :) And the name I gave it? LYMPH-CODE. I’m a fuckin’ dork.

- I’ll be posting more sketches of Lymph-Code. I’ve thought out a lot about how it’ll function as a hybrid. I’m excited about those ideas! :3 All I can say is that NO part of the Jaeger design is USELESS, and that Newt and Hermann in my mind would have several times more screens to look at than the average Jaeger team due to biological feeds as well. ;) The electronic eyes fail? Wellp, no problem…we have other options here though the world may look very different through THOSE feeds. ;)





I’ve seen a few fashion posts trying to expand the “Marie Antoinette is not Victorian” rant, but this stuff can get complicated, so here is a semi-comprehensive list so everyone knows exactly when all of these eras were.

Please note that this is very basic and that there are sometimes subcategories (especially in the 17th century, Jacobean, Restoration, etc)

And people wonder WHY I complain about History/Art History periodization. Note how much overlap there is to the above “eras”, and how many exceptions and extensions there are to these categories.

Oh, and by the way…















Because you wouldn’t want to be historically inaccurate.

Holy shi—the middle lady in the Victorian pic looks like my godmum! And the lady, on the right, in the Edwardian one looks almost like she could pass as one of my relatives!

…this is so eerie…but cool.

^^And that’s a big part of the reason why I do this. Everyone should be able to see images like these and feel like they, too, are a part of history.

People can quibble about minutiae as much as they’d like, and I honestly don’t mind the discussion, but when it comes down to it, medievalpoc is really about making an immediate visual impact that has changed how I view history, and I hope the same can be said for people who read these posts.



G I V E A W A Y for a C A U S E

Some of you may know tumblr user queensamwise who is precious and wonderful and kind. She spreads love, support and happiness to those around her, and she selflessly leads a life of service. Unfortunately, money is tight for her, and she is in need of some help (check out her blog for more details. Also check out her blog if you like LOTR, video games, and joy, among other things). Since I can think of no one more deserving than Tia to get some good sent back her way, I have decided to do a giveaway in her honor.

So here’s how it’s gonna work:

Tia needs money, and I have things to give away. So, if you donate money to Tia’s cause, you get entered to win a thing and my eternal love and the blessings of a small dragon queen (that’s Tia). Pretty great, right?

The rules:

  • Must donate to Tia’s fund. This is gonna be hard to verify, so I ask that when you donate, you either put your URL as your name (you’ll see when you go there) or send me an ask with the name you donated under. I don’t care as long as you give me some way to verify that you donated. 
  • Minimum $1 donation
  • I’d like you to be following me, but that’s not necessary. I post a lot of Pacific Rim, Star Trek and gay stuff
  • You should also go follow Tia but that’s not a rule. I’m just saying. She’s the whole reason for the season and all.


You can see them above, but let me break it down:

  • Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary, featuring the 11th Doctor
  • Dead of Winter, Doctor Who standalone novel featuring 11, Amy and Rory
  • Through Time: An Unauthorized and Unofficial History of Doctor Who, in used condition
  • And Another Thing, official 6th sequel to the Hitchhikers Guide Trilogy, by Eoin Colfer
  • A Study in Scarlet/The Hound of the Baskervilles, fancy-bound double feature
  • The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, “A novel of suspense introducing Mary Russell and her partner, Sherlock Holmes”
  • Jane Eyre and Frankenstein (together, because they were fairly cheap editions), both unabridged and annotated
  • Supernatural: The Complete Second Season on DVD

(all items have been owned by me, so they are all technically “used” however they are in good condition)

I will be picking three winners randomly. They will each get a choice of one item above (with the exception of the Frankenstein/Jane Eyre combo). First place gets first choice, second place gets second choice, third place gets third choice.


And remember to DONATE TO TIA

UPDATE: I’m basically going to extend this until I go back to school, so August 15th. You have until then. 

Please message me if you’ve donated to Tia and want to have your donation counted in the giveaway.

Imagine Danielle Brooks and Samira Wiley piloting a Jaeger together

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